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About Me

I was asked, Why such a generic name? Well I provide many services and this will enable me to encompass them all without having multiple business identities.

After leaving the United States Marine Corps in 2000, I remained in Hawaii making it my home. I find that the “services” I provide will help people no matter which area you are in need of.








·         Locate and Recover YOUR Money


Many people and companies are not aware they are owed money that may have either been forgotten about, lost in a sale of a business or even in an unfortunate death.

There is over $150 MILLION in CASH just sitting in Hawaii people are not aware of.

I will obtain your money that is rightfully yours with NO UPFRONT COST.






·         Provide Custom Travel at Wholesale Prices

·         ARC Accredited


So you think you can get the best rates shopping online yourself? This is not the case.

Unlike other travel companies, I work with high volume airline consolidators in order to provide WHOLESALE rates that are not available to the public both domestically and internationally.

My competition is the internet and I pride myself in trying to match or beat what you can find online. In addition to saving you money, I am able to offer more options to suit your needs than you would be able to find yourself.






·         Virus and Malware removal

·         Laptop and Desktop repair

·         LOW cost PC sale


Is your computer slow? Excessive pop-ups? Can’t do the things you need or used to be able to?

If you have a Microsoft® Windows® based computer I can provide the solution for you in either repairing your current computer or provide another computer that suits your needs with a refurbished computer.

A refurbished computer is a GREAT alternative to purchasing a new PC by providing it at a lower cost, has genuine Microsoft® Windows® OS and ONLY the software that you want installed ready to use.






·         Check and Clear Check Engine Light

·         Provide Repair Procedures


Tired of the high price to just hook-up your car at the dealer?

I will hook-up your car to see why your check engine light is on and clear all codes. This is not using a generic code reader but the same program the dealer uses.

If you are looking for the repair procedure needed to do your own repair I can help you out as well.





For More Information and Inquiries Email me at info@davidsservices.com or call 808-4-LOCATE (456-2283)







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